Tapio Technologies TAPIO RQPv2 Roll Quality Profiler
Continuing the success of the original Roll Quality Profiler introduced in 2003 by Tapio Technologies Oy the new RQP offers roll hardness measurement with even more possibilities.

The new RQP v2.0 measurement is based on a position measurement instead of the acceleration measurement used earlier. The penetration of the hammer is also measured providing new interesting information about the measured surface. The absolute values do not differ between different measurement units.

Hitting velocity and the shape of the hammer's tip can be selected to suit each customers preferences. The goal is to mimimize the possible damage inflicted to the tested material (paper, plastic rolls or aluminium foil rolls) and to provide accurate measurements.

Measurement unit can be used without a PC and the results are saved to a standard SD card. The measurement head communicates with PC wirelessly using Bluetooth or wired with the USB cable.

Suitable applications for the Roll Hardness measurement:
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